Demat Service

Demat Account
Sr.No Particulars Individual Other Than Individual
   1.  Account Opening Charges  Nil  Nil
   2.  Account Maintenance Charges  Rs.290/-(One Time Payment)  Rs. 500/-
   3.  AMC for Clients with email  NIL  NIL
   4.  AMC for Clients without email* Rs.200/-  NIL
   5.  Purchase (Market or OffMarket)  Nil  Nil
   6.  Sale (Market or OffMarket)  0.04%,Min Rs. 60/- Per Transaction(Per ISIN)  0.04%,Min Rs. 60/- Per Transaction(Per ISIN)
   7.  Custody Charges  Nil  Nil
   8.  Dematerialisation Charges  Rs. 3/- Per Certificate  Rs. 3/- Per Certificate
   9.  Postage Per Demat Request  Rs. 50/-  Rs. 50/-
   10.  Rematerialisation Charges  CDSL Charges + Rs. 100/- Per Request  CDSL Charges + Rs. 100/- Per Request
   11. Pledge (Creation/Closure/Invocation) will be charged seperately  0.02% of the Value of Shares (Per ISIN)(Min Rs 25/-)  0.03% of the Value of Shares (Per ISIN)(Min Rs 25/-)
  12.  Late Transaction [per Instruction]  Rs 50/-  Rs 50/-
  13.  Settlement Charges for Clearing Member  Nil  Rs 500/- per month
  14.  Easi / Easiest  Nil  Nil

No Levies will be imposed against market /off market sale if the transferee is Shriram Insight Share Brokers Ltd.
Late Charges would be collected for all instruction received after 4 p.m. for same day execution or execution date as Pay in Date

Any Extra Transaction Statement would be charged @Rs. 50 /- per Statement for first 10 pages; thereafter it would be charged @Rs 2/- per page.

Additional Delivery Instruction Booklet Would be charged @Rs.100/-per Booklet w.e.f 01.06.2008 containing 10 Leaves.
Account Maintenance Charges will be applicable only for new client w.e.f. 01.08.2007

*Clients who have registered their email id,would be issued electronic documents.
In case of no email id, paper document would be posted.

The Fee Structure is subject to revision in case of any revision of charges by CDSL or any statutory charges.

All Charges are inclusive of sevice tax.

Valid upto 31-03-2011